The Controversial News Network is just as the name implies: a news network that covers "the other half of the story." In some cases it is the other three-quarters of the story. And in tragically far too many it is a totally untold story.

      In America, we are "16th" in "freedom of the press," according to an international survey, even though this is the only country for which the founders actually built into the Constitution the guarantee of total freedom of the press. Right now there are courageous reporters in prison for not revealing their sources, notwithstanding that guarantee in the fabric document of our nation, "The Federal US Constitution." CWNN's mission is to expose the "sacred cows" that no so-called "no spin zone" talk show host will touch with a ten-foot pole.

      This website serves as a mainframe of information collected by the Network. Its primary task for now is to archive the shows aired on the San Diego radio station CASH 1700AM, broadcasting live Sundays at 7pm-8pm, hosted by Eugene Ellis with co-host Scott Wood.

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