NAME: Martin Dillon
DESIGNATION: Guest Speaker


Robert Maxwell: Israel's Superspy : The Life and Murder of a Media Mogul
The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel's Superspy
The Dirty War
The Shankill Butchers

The Irish Times has described Martin Dillon as ‘standing alone as one of the most creative writers of our time’. Born in Belfast, he wrote his first book Political Murder in Northern Ireland, a Penguin Special Edition, while he was a newspaper reporter. He distinguished himself in print journalism before joining the British Broadcasting Corporation as a news reporter and later program editor. While with the BBC for eighteen years, he created award-winning programs and also wrote plays for radio and television. His unique, investigative reporting won him international acclaim and he is considered one of the foremost experts on global terrorism and organized crime. His bestselling trilogy, The Shankill Butchers, The Dirty War and God and the Gun from his non-fiction works, is regarded as the definitive account of the Ireland conflict. After leaving the BBC’s history department Timewatch, he became a terrorism expert for news outlets on Sky Television and Channel Four a role he subsequently went on to fill with US and Canadian radio and television news networks. He has also been featured on CNN and NBC.

Sunday December 11, 2005
Expert on government lies and coverups since and before the Downing Street Memo incident, speaks for the coalition, After Downing Street ( He is joined my terror expert Martin Dillon.

Sunday November 13, 2005
Journalist turned writer, Martin Dillon, delivers an eye opening discussion about the "War on Terror", that of the US and the UK, decades ago in Ireland and now in Iraq. Much of the discussion stems from his his book, The Dirty War.

Sunday October 16, 2005
Martin Dillon discusses his books, which contain an in-depth examination of the clues, contradictions and cover-up surrounding Maxwell’s sudden and suspicious death. Exploring the unconfirmed notion that Robert Maxwell was murdered by the Mossad for which he acted as a superspy.

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