NAME: Sifu Wing Cheung
DESIGNATION: Guest Speaker


Sifu (Master/Teacher) Wing Cheung, Tai Chi Division Champion of the 2005 Canada Kung Fu and Wushu Championship had acquired an interest in martial arts and had started learning northern Shaolin kung fu from his father since he was six years old. Grandmaster Cheung was a kung fu and tai chi master as well as a kick boxer. He won the Canton Province Kick Boxing Championship back in 1969.

After suffering from a serious traffic accident in 1994, Sifu Cheung sought the help of Master Wu Jian Hua, a famous qigong healer. Master Wu was a colleague of Professor Lin Hou-Sheng at the Shanghai Qigong Research Institute in China. Since then Sifu Cheung studied acupressure, traditional Chinese medical theories and different styles of Qigong under Master Wu. Sifu Cheung currently focuses his practice on qigong and tai chi only. For the past 10 years, he had visited many different places to study under numerous tai chi and qigong masters.

Sifu Cheung has devoted his life spreading the wonders of qi around the world. He now works as a feng shui (the study of how qi/energy flows in and around the house to bring good health and fortune to its occupants) consultant and teaches tai chi and qigong at various locations in Toronto, Canada. He also offers qigong workshops around the world. Please click here for more information about his qigong workshops.

Sunday March 12, 2006
Discussing Qigong - three millenia old and evolved practice of medicine to harness and improve "Qi", the body's energy field, generated and maintained by natural respiration. Three Qigong Masters join CWNN Host Eugene Ellis to discuss this extraordinary art.

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