NAME: Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI)







Eugene Ellis, known locally as "Mr. DUI," is one of the pre-eminent DUI attorneys in Southern California. He has more than twenty-eight years of legal experience, and has dedicated twenty-one of those years to only defending DUI cases.

Mr. Ellis is know as "The Professor" by many local DUI attorneys because his door is always open to local counsel for advice, and because he writes and teaches others about DUI law. Mr. Ellis is a lifelong learner and other than his education from the Western State University and post-graduate studies at the University of Southern California, University of San Diego, and Hastings University School of Law, he also regularly attends every major national seminar in the United States on DUI that he is aware of and has collected numerous qualifications. He shares the wisdom that he learns from these seminars in a private newsletter and classes for local counsel.

He is currently writing a book on how to defend yourself against a DUI conviction and a pocket version for patrons of restaurants and bars to carry with them in the event of being stopped by the local police. He has made many television news appearances to discuss DUI.

Defending innocent DUI clients has allowed Eugene Ellis to express his passion for fighting against injustice and for uncovering the full facts behind a story. Now he brings that passion to The Controversial World News Network, dedicating himself to sharing the other side of the story behind such diverse topics as foreign policy, the stock market, and health.

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