DATE: October 9, 2005

HOST: Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI)
GUEST: Richard Dolan

TOPIC: UFOs and the National Security State

STATUS: Archived
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UFOs and the National Security State

Richard Dolan discusses the evidence for UFOs, in the form of declassified memos, and relatedly, the role of the Freedom of Information Act and the way it has changed over time to become much less tangible and useful. He delves deep to discuss the workings of the Government and what resources they have allocated and allocate for the focus of handling projects related to this type of intelligence, paying particular attention to government coverups of information and funds, including a possible murder.

"Every now and then you come across a reference from this General or that intelligence guy and so forth that would say, well, there is something to the UFO issue..."

"And it's not just one or two or five reports, it's dozens and indeed hundreds."

"One thing I would want to point out to listeners is that the UFO thing is not simply some relic of the Cold War, there are military UFO encounters that occur in the post-9/11 era, that is our own era."

"CBS, ABC, the large ones - they will not cover this..."

"You cannot deny the reality of these documents, is that there are many, many - I've got them in front of me - there are many serious military reports describing pilot encounters with clearly seen, radar tracked, metallic disk-shaped objects that evade intercept..."

"It's very difficult now, in fact, it's almost impossible to get an FOIA document of a US Military encounter after 1980 with UFOs."

"I think Congress is by and large totally out of the loop..."

"'Well look, the Pentagon's budget for fiscal year 2000 was about 350 billion dollars, and yet we're finding' - brace yourself here - '2.3 trillion dollars in what the GAO called, undocumentable expenditures for the Pentagon for fiscal year 2000.'"

"Forrestal, in my opinion, was very possibly considered a security risk - Here is a guy whose mental condition may not have been reliable, he knew things."

"Oberth, unlike Von Braun, ... wrote a book that dealt with the UFO topic and wrote publicly about the reality of flying saucers as not of human origin."

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