DATE: January 29, 2006

HOST: Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI)
GUEST: Richard Casdorph

TOPIC: Chelation Therapy

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Toxic Metal Syndrome : How Metal Poisonings Can Affect Your Brain

Chelation Therapy is the technique of infusing "Chelating Agents" that remove heavy metals from the blood stream, including the brain. It is a detoxification procedure that was first used in the 1950s to treat lead poisoning and has since been studied actively with very positive results and is now widely used to treat metal poisoning and vascular diseases. Because Chelation Therapy improves circulation and decreases toxic chemical reactions in the body, it has been used successfully to treat a variety of ailments including arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer's.

Information from the book:

Every year, tons of industrial metal wastes are routinely released into our into our environment. Higher and higher levels of these metals are being found in our air, water, and food suppliers. Daily, we come into direct contact with an array of metals through the use at over-the-counter drugs, personal hygiene products, and drinks packaged in aluminum cans. We eat food prepared in aluminum pots, and we allow dentists to place mercury amalgam fillings in our teeth. Is it any wonder, then, that millions of us are subject to the ravages of toxic metal syndrome? Research has proven that toxic metals such as aluminum, mercury, lead, iron, cadmium, and a host of others accumulate in our brains, and over time may cause a variety of disturbing behavioral symptoms-from memory loss to Alzheimer's dementia. And as these insidious metals collect in our brains, more and more cell damage is caused. Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves? Can we reverse damage? In Toxic Metal Syndrome, you will learn what the problem is and what you can do about it. Drs. Casdorph and Walker give in-depth information on how these our systems with a method called chelation therapy. This treatment has proven effective for over two decades.

Toxic Metal Syndrome exposes the root causes of these debilitating conditions, and explodes the myth that nothing can be done to avoid or treat them. It provides you with new and important information that can help you make informed decisions about your own health and that of your loved ones.

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