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OCTOBER 16 2005

HOST: Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI)
GUEST: Richard Dolan

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Welcome to the Controversial Radio Network. It's 7 o'clock. This is the other side of the story with attorney Eugene Ellis and Scott Wood.

Scott Wood: Good evening San Diego and good tidings to those of you listening worldwide on the Internet, I am Scott Wood alongside attorney Eugene Ellis; he's known as Mr. DUI.

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This hour, however is dedicated to researching, explaining, and exposing those mysteries in life that you may not hear about on the local and national news programs. We'll bring you the facts and we'll let you formulate your own opinions. Our website is; you'll find bios of both Gene and myself, previews of upcoming shows as well as links to websites that we mention in the program. And with that I will bring in my good friend, Mr. DUI, attorney Eugene Ellis, how are you doing, Gene?

Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI): Hi Scott. Today we have a super duper, really great program but as usual I want you to go grab a pencil and paper, there are normally very important things you'll need to write down. This is a pre-recorded show, it's being record on January 14, 2006, so no call-ins this time folks, please. Certainly, if you really like the program, which I know you are going to, and you contact the doctor through his website, he just might consent to come back on live.

Some of the basics, before we get rolling. Just so you remember, this show is designed to talk to about things that the average licensed stations won't talk about for whatever reason: they're told not to, their license will get jerked if they do, or whatever. Number 2: It talks about a lot of things on the fringe of science, at least in reference to what they tell us; but I'm going to try to limit my programs to science that has in fact been tested in various scientific institutions. I have doctors, PhDs, various others, laser scientists, and so forth, talking about sciences which you are not going to hear about normally: altered states, remote viewing, and that sort of thing. There are no witches, and no kind of fluky, far out stuff. I try to get subjects that have been tested and have some credibility to them. We depend on government and scientific whistle-blowers to bring us some of this material. Most of them will identify themselves, some of them will not for obvious reasons: XEPE Controversial News Network, where the truth is often stranger than fiction.

What if told you that there are actually two governments out there in the United States, running the United States. One such government was operating without the permission without the permission or even the knowledge in some cases of congressmen, senators, and sometimes even presidents. These people who live in the shadows control and influence such earth shaking developments that if they were made known to the public, we would be able to reap the benefits of clean air... not nearly the wars and conflicts we see now, and yet they are kept secret by a small group held accountable in some cases only to themselves.

Our guest speaker today we are so honored to have is Steven M. Greer M.D., a medical doctor - an emergency room physician, and if you know anything about medicine, you know those are probably the brightest, they have to think on their feet and do amazing things. He is the founder and international director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, CSETI. Widely regarded as the world's foremost authority on UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence. He's written a definitive book on the account of UFOs. The subject of his book: extraterrestrial contacts, and in fact the name of the book is: Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications by Steven M. Greer M.D. One point I wanted to make is that the doctor has led research teams throughout the world investigating the existence of extraterrestrial entities and on several occasions has successfully established preliminary contact and communication with extraterrestrial spacecraft at close range. With that: Dr. Greer - Welcome!

Steven M. Greer M.D.: Thank you, glad to be here.

Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI): Glad to have you. Why don't we start with that last, very interesting sentence out of your book. Would you tell my listeners a little bit about this contact with these space vehicles?

Steven M. Greer M.D.: Well, you know, we had introduction: My uncle designed the lunar module that landed Neil Armstrong on the moon and as a young child I learned of things of which I was not supposed to know about and it also coincided with me having a sighting of one of these disc-shaped craft in broad daylight that was obviously not a conventional aircraft. And, it sort of ignited a lifelong interest in this subject even though it's sort of a subject that followed with a lot of social opprobrium. And I was encouraged later by a number of aerospace and military contacts to pursue this, because I formulated a hypothesis, and that was that if these things were real, and we had proven that they were (we had video tape of them, we had radar tracings of them, we had digital radar, we've had people inside covert programs who've told us what they are). I posited that, look, if these objects are real, why don't we as citizen diplomats go out and try to observe them and then take it one step further and try to interact with them by signaling to them using electronic signals, lasers, whatever we can do to see if they will interact back with us. If they're under intelligent control, they ought to be able to do that. So, we started that actually in 1990 and we immediately started having pretty amazing events take place. By 1992 we have vectored four of these objects onto a beach near Pensacola, Florida that were signaling to us, we have video tape of this. We made a big triangular formation in the sky with these very bright lights we had, they then fell into a perfect triangular shaped formation. This went on for about 20 minutes. It actually got photographed by some other people in the area wound up in the newspaper the next day and this of course got the attention of the National Military Command Authority and the Head of Armed Intelligence who invited me to a meeting to try to get us to stop it.

Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI): (laughs)

Steven M. Greer M.D.: Of course, we didn't stop it, we continued to this all over the world. And by 1993 we had made a number of these sort of contacts, and by the way, these are described in the book you mentioned, the people can get it; is the website we use. What I found was that there was an enormous number of people in very shadowy, super secret projects, who knew that this was real but were keeping a secret from most of our representatives and certainly from the president at the time and because of that and because we realized that there was only so much we can do as sort of citizen researchers that were unfunded and also citizen diplomats who had no official standing to take this too far, that needed to disclose this. So we started something now called the Disclosure Project and as a consequence we identified, as of this time, over 450 whistleblowers who are top secret military and intelligence, and in some cases, corporate people who have first hand knowledge of these projects, of the technology, and of the phenomenon, And again, these are not people whose names redacted, these are people who are name, rank, serial number, we have their DD-214s, which are their discharge forms from the military if that's appropriate. We have smoking gun government documents, we have photographs, we have all this. So what we did was basically go around and unofficially depose these peope and interviewed the first 110 of these military top secret whistleblowers and in 2000 until now have been putting that evidence and information out to the public as well as continuing this effort at contact. So the project has evolved over the last 15 years and it's become something at this point that we can certainly prove what we're claiming. The question is: how do we get society to understand the implications of this and begin to demand that the truth be let out and also with the truth, with the technology. A lot of people will ask, well why the hell is all of this being kept secret and I say, well, these things are not traveling at interstellar speed, using Exxon Jet A fuel, they are using a type of physics, which has been studied for many decades in classified projects, which have been, actually, very well figured out, and certainly by the 1950s and 60s we as a civilization did not need gas, oil, or coal, and most people, if they have an IQ of over about 80 the light bulb will go off and they'll go "oh my god, no wonder it's been kept secret."

We're talking about, if you disclose what these UFOs are, and with it their means of propulsion and energy, you will basically start a whole new civilization on this planet, forget about other planets, where we're not going to need Middle East oil, we're not going to need to have global warming and pollution, we're not going to have 80% of the planet in poverty while 20% of us have heat and air condition, and SUVs. So, it would be a complete change in the way the Earth functions. And the secrecy has to do with macroeconomic, transnational power and an elite group of people who control that, and not with national security. Unfortunately, it's like Mark Twain said, patriotism and sometimes religion can be the last refuge of the scoundrel, I'm paraphrasing but essentially people will sigh, oh well this has got to be kept secret for national security reasons. Nothing could be further from the truth; our national security obviously is being profoundly injured by our ongoing addiction to Middle East oil and because of that, the subsequent oil wars and the geopolitical problems. So, what I point out to people is that it would be in our national security interest in the US, never the benefit of humanity, to let the information out, let it be known that we are not alone in the universe but also let it be known that there are very well developed technology mainly helped by corporations such as Northrop, Lockheed, E-Systems, SAIC, right there in San Diego, is a key one. And these entities have the technologies which we taxpayers have funded to have studied that could enable us to get completely off of nuclear and fossil fuel power systems which would be an enormous transformation of the fortunes of humanity. But the secrets that we have uncovered, and by the way, what I'm stating can be proven.

We wrote a book, came out a couple years ago, called Disclosure, and in it are about 70 of these top secret military and corporate witness testimony, and by the way I think all but one or two of them are named. So this is not some 60 Minutes episode where they have the face fuzzied out and you don't know who they are, these are people who have stepped forward with us to speak truth and they have brought with them in many cases top secret documents, which are also in this book, and you can get that at The entire issue of "are we alone in the universe?" and sort of the academic and very exciting question of that, which is no small matter, is sort of almost an existential and transcendent question about life in the universe. But they are also very critical, important, pressing issues that the subject entails which most people don't realize. And I point out, that if it was just a matter of some of these classified projects acknowledging that there is life in outer space that have detected us, which is a very high probability even by mainstream science to say that there is life out there somewhere. That wouldn't be the big issue, the big issue is that if you acknowledge they're here, and that you acknowledge that in fact we have been studying these things and in a few cases have actually targeted and destroyed and downed some of these extraterrestrial vehicles and have reverse engineered their energy and propulsion system, what you get to, you very quickly get to the realization that this sort of obscene and illegal secrecy, what I call the kleptocracy, which is actually calling the shots in the world today, have kept this secret because if it were to come out their one hundred trillion dollar proven oil reserves would be worth very very little, they'd only be worth the value of lubricants and synthetic plastics and things of this sort. We certainly wouldn't need oil or gas or nuclear power for energy and propulsion. So, this would be the biggest "tectonic plate shift" in the due political history of the earth and would far in a way eclipse the Industrial Revolution of the mid and late 1800s. So, it's a very very serious issue that gets laughed at a lot. People think, oh well, it's little green men, things like the X-Files and silly movies and whatnot. In reality, all that silliness have been out to the public which are shills for this transnational kleptocracy because they want people to make light of the issue because the issue actually has so much gravity associated with it.

Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI): Now, the owners of these oil reserves, that would be the Arab nations I presume..

Steven M. Greer M.D.: Well, you look at Kazakhstan(?), you look at even in the US, Russia (the only bright spot in all of Russia's economy is oil right now), Venezuela, for example, Mexico is a net exporter of oil, so is Canada for that matter. The energy sector is the 8000lb gorilla, it's the King Kong sitting on the corner there looking out over everything. It is the means by which the entire industrialized world operates and if you change that equation you change due political power, I think in a good way, forever. But those who have that kind of power do not want to go quietly into that dark night and they are hell-bent on keeping these sorts of information secret as well as the technologies, I believe because they simple do not want to give up the enormous wealth and power that a centralized energy grid apriori requires.

Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI): Yeah, so the standard oils, the Shell, and these people and their various secret corporations that own parts and don't want you to know about it and so on and so on and the international banking organizations who this money flows through, out of these groups would become the people that are really lobbying or controlling nations in fact. And these groups are the ones that are basically behind keeping this all secret as opposed to people that we might have previous to this thought we were doing it, is that a fair statement? But not necessarily the Arabs..

Steven M. Greer M.D.: Yeah, in part, there are a number of factions to this issue of secrecy. There are people who simply don't want to rock the boat from a financial point of view. It's not just about energy, it's about the entire geopolitical structure. Let me give you an example: what would happen if you had a device that would extract energy from what's called the "zero-point energy" or the "quantum vacuum" energy field, which is the space around us, not outer space, but right here, say in the room where you're sitting. These technologies do that. What that means is that you could have a generator that would extract energy from this "potential," what's called the "potential" of the energy that's in the vacuum, every cubic centimeter of which has enough power to run the Earth for a day. What would happen is that you would not have transmission lines, you would not have a centralized electric grid, you would not have a centralized supply system, but with that also would have this enormous blossoming of culture and civilization and a prosperity and abundance in parts of the world that are now very poor. And I have to point out to people: your geopolitical power on Earth does not draw from your population, I mean India has four times or three times the population of the United States, certainly doesn't have four times our geopolitical power. So it has to do with your economic and technological prowess. This would change all those equations, and so geopolitical power would shift away from the "great white father" and sort of a transnational, racist kleptocracy to what I think would be a seriously global system, a globe of very empowered local villages that would be able to manufacture, generate electricity, generate power without this sort of dependency on the zero-sum gain, this little pie of conventional energy, because let's face it, if 6 million people start living like you and I do, we would be out of fossil fuels very quickly and the price of gas would probably be 10 to 20 dollars a gallon. So, we have a world right now that is designed to be very inequitable, but it also maintains a certain power status quo.

What we're talking about is releasing information that would not only run at the assumptions, maybe, of orthodox religion but also orthodox science and orthodox geopolitical power. It is one of the real forbidden areas of knowledge, that's why it is ridiculed so soundly. It is interesting, because in my career of dealing with this, I'm an emergency doctor by training and got involved with this by family connections and what have you, I personally have done briefings for a sitting CIA director of president Clinton, and I spent three hours going through all this data and the implications of what this means and I have seen grown men, old enough to be my father or grandfather in some cases weep when they look at what is going on on this planet and the fact that the people that you and I think are running the United States and running the world really are the emperors that have no clothes. For the most part, it's sad to say, and it's terribly true, when I was briefing the Clinton administration and his inner circle and the CIA director, one of his good friends came to me, to my phone personally (we call them FOBs, friends of Bill), and he said, "Dr. Greer, we are very supportive of this idea, of this being disclosed, but if the president does what you're recommending.." I was recommending that he step into this issue with an executive order and get control of these out of control military industrial complexes Eisenhower warned us about, this man turned to me, he says, "we're convinced that he'll end up like Jack Kennedy." And I burst out laughing, actually I started laughing thinking the guy was just joking, this was back in 1994, and he says, "no, we're not joking." So this is the kind of stuff I have been dealing with since the early 90s and in a couple months I'm going to come out with an autobiography talking about all these meetings and what actually happened on the inside of this project, most people would blow their minds to contemplate.

It really is critical that folks around the world understand that we have on the one hand a very dysfunctional current situation where there is a transnational kleptocracy mainly driven by money and power that runs this sort of issue and that the representatives of people, whether it's in the United States or Great Britain or any other country, know very very little about it. I have personally met with the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee here in the United States and the U.S. Congress. I'm making this phone call from Washington D.C., I'm looking at the Capitol Dome from where I'm sitting. And those people will look at me and say, "I have no doubt that this is true, but I have made inquiries about this in closed meetings and they don't tell us a thing, they don't tell us a damn thing." Senator Clayborne Pell, who was chairman of Foreign Relations told me that, Senator Dick Bryan, who was on the Senate Intelligence Committee told me that. So what you have here is a disconnect. Most people out there think, oh well if you're the president or you're on one of these key committees on the Senate, or if you're a key person on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, you're going to know about this - it isn't necessarily true. The people who are involved with this have very little to do with rank and outward position in society, it has more to do with whether or not they're willing to go along with the agenda of secrecy, of continued centralized control, and quite frankly a very very illegal operation. We can prove that this operation keeping this secret, has virtually broken every relevant law and have been rogue since at least the 1950s. One of Eisenhower's aides, who was a young man at the time, Brigadier General Lufkin, and his testimony is at our website,, he stated point blank that he saw Eisenhower in the last years of his presidency, '59 and '60, very concerned about this issue, he was making inquiries about what was going on with the UFO matter, he knew that we had aircraft up scrambling, chasing them, he knew that there were clandestine projects studying the technology but that he had been shoved aside of control over it. And basically, I am paraphrasing what the general said, but General Lufkin said basically he was stabbed in the back. A lot of people wondered why did a conservative republican, a 5 star general, Eisenhower, when he left office in January '61 make that famous speech where he talked about the military industrial complex escaping our oversight and being a threat to our security, this is what he was talking about. Now, it's interesting because I have a letter written by Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, who was the first CIA director, and after he left that position in 1961, right after Eisenhower made this statement, he had wrote a letter to Congress, it also went to the New York Times, where he said through official ridicule people are made to think that the UFO matter is nonsense, in a reality it is of very great concern. And he says the whole matter of the secrecy surrounding it is a threat to our national security. He made it very clear that the extraterrestrial vehicles or the so-called UFOs were ot a threat. If they were a threat, given their multi-hundred-thousand-year technological edge over us, it would be point-set-match all over but the shouting. He was stating that the secrecy surrounding the issue was a threat to the national security to the United States of America and this was an admiral who had been a CIA director. So, we have put together all these documents and all this testimony and a lot of hard evidence: radar tracking, digital tapes, everything. That's available at this website: A lot of people say, where's the smoking gun on this, well we have it.

Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI): A couple of other points. One thing that I want to make clear: books are great, and I read on average one or two a week here just besides my regular law practice just preparing for my shows, and they're good, but what the doctor and his organization has put together, folks, is something that is even more important. You've got DVDs and videos of these people. Now as an attorney, I can tell you that I wouldn't trade anything for the ability to look into a man's eyes, listen to his voice, watch his demeanor. They can talk all about these fancy, sophisticated voice stress analyzers, throw them all out the window. A good old human, whether he's a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, you don't have to be a rocket scientist. They may not be able to put a rocket together but they can generally smell a liar. And when you're looking at the doctor's videos, DVDs, hours of them, and if I have time - which I probably won't, but if I do I'll go through some of the testimony I got off some of the tapes - and you're looking in their eyes, and you know to the bottom of your toes that these men and women in some cases are telling the absolute truth and if you can't accept what's happening after looking at that, then you have a block of some sort, some inner driving superlative motive that's causing you not to be able to accept this. So the books are great, but the videos and the DVDs are a must, because when you go to talk to your friends when you're convinced, you just send them a gift video, send them a gift DVD, they're going to see it your way.

Let's go back just for a second. A couple of the comments that you made doctor, about this being about power, and I really do buy that. It seems that the human entity is really power driven, they suck it up like I don't know what. Even look at the local gas and electric companies, you can actually get your generator, you can actually generate electricity and then your excess electricity, in some states by law, they have to buy it back. And boy, they fight that like crazy. And it's really amazing because it's the centralization of power - it seems to be that there is a little spot in the human brain that is reserved for that quest for power. What happens, folks, after you're so rich, you can only eat so many chocolate ice cream sundaes, you can only drive in so many Rolls-Royces and then after that, what's left? Power.

Steven M. Greer M.D.: Right, and that's what it's about, it's not about money the way you and I think of it, it's really about massive amounts of control and power. And I often joke, gee I don't know what's wrong with these guys, maybe they weren't breastfed long enough or something, it's like, good grief. And I have actually met personally with some of the people that were in the central control policy group that deals with this and they really do get very very drunk on power and on the fact that they have this enormous control over the world and so that eventually is what it becomes all about and it is a sickness, it becomes almost like an endlessly addictive thing to get more and more in that kind of need to control and this information isn't only just about money and power and energy, it also, in a sense, I know this has been true for a long time, there's certain very orthodox religious traditions that don't want to know that this could be true; not most mainstream religions that could deal with this quite well, I have personally met some representatives of the Pope at the Vatican and they have no problem with the fact that there is life in the universe. But, if you believe the Earth is 6000 years old and you have a very sort of, almost a simian, a primitive view of such things, you're not going to like to hear the idea that there are intelligent life forms out there that perhaps have been observing us for decades if not longer, and perhaps for thousands of years. But, ultimately we have to get this information out because on top of the fact that we're ruining the planet and increasing the likelihoods of injustice and terrorism and hatred of the west through the economic disparity that the zero-sum gain of oil, you have another problem and that is there is a covert program dealing with this issue that has not had the oversight of the Congress or of the people that's been going on now for at last 60 years and they have been doing some very dangerous and reckless things on behalf of humanity. For example, imagine the risk of a group of people who have an intrinsically militaristic and xenophobic view of the world look at these objects and say gee, let me see if I can target one of these and knock them down and develop electromagnetic pulse weapons and other very high tech electromagnetic systems that can target and hit and disable, not all the time, but on numerous occasion extraterrestrial vehicles that are coming from another solar system. This is dangerous, there are actions that have been taken on behalf of the human race that the human race is not aware of.

I remember in the 1990s personally meeting with the Boutros-Ghali family, the head of the United Nations and Mrs. Boutros-Ghali and I had this long talk about this and she looked just horrified and said, do you have people who have been on the inside of these projects where you confirmed this has happened. I said, yes ma'am, multiple independent people, generals, brigadier generals, technicians, radar operators where they have been present, where they've seen these things happen. And she just looked horrified, she said well this could be one of the greatest threats to humanity and world peace that we have ever faced. I said of course it is but no one's talking about it. Who's talking about it? Peter Jennings? I don't think so. He knows the truth now from the other side, maybe. But the fact of the matter is the big mainstream media, I believe, is the single biggest problem to getting the truth out. I have personally seen ABC news and other networks get very close to popping the story using a lot of the documents and top secret witnesses we've identified and then the executive producer of the show will call me up and say that well, they're not going to let us air this. And I'll say, why not? And they'll say, you know why. And I'll say, who told you not to do this. And they say, well, Dr. Greer, you know who. And it is a very disconcerting thing because the media is supposed to be one of the checks and balances to these sort of things getting out of control. But when you have a corrupted Big Media that's a transnational, multibillion dollar media that is horizontally and vertically integrated into the economic power system, you have, unfortunately, the ability to really corrupt the news that the public is getting. And so that's what happened, and many people have asked me, where do you lay the biggest blame for this and I say, the Media. The most corrupt institution in the world today is the Big Media.

Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI): By the way, are the Bilderbergers, is that an example of the types of groups that are controlling this, or can you even say who these groups are?

Steven M. Greer M.D.: Sure, I can. The fact of the matter is, the people who launch sweeping conspiracies about this are always uniformly incorrect. And here's what I mean by that, if you look at the situation, there will be a few people associated with the Bilderbergers or with the Bohemian Grove meeting, or with the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Relations, and I know people with all these groups. And some of them, there may be a couple people in those groups who are involved and know, but they are control points for the rest of their group and they will go to a meeting and if this issue comes up they will say, "oh, none of this is true, I was in such and such a secret project and we found that it was all swamp gas and we found that it was all a misperception of astronomical phenomenon." They are paid to lie to their own brethren. Society is organized around social subcultures and it's like doctors listen to doctors, and attorneys listen to attorneys, and so on. So the peerage of these sort of groups like you're mentioning is such that if someone in their group of stature who is on the inside of these covert programs says to them, "oh don't worry about that, it's not true." They will accept that it's true. I am not saying this theoretically, I know this has happened for a personal fact because I have people who have been at meetings where this has happened with the Bohemian Grove and the Bilderbergers and other things, so what you have is a much smaller group of people who really know what's going on on these issues than most people would assume. And in fact, that makes sense, it's really the only way you can keep things wrapped up as tightly as this has been for decades.

Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI): Are you at liberty to name some of the groups that are behind this.

Steven M. Greer M.D.: Well, I mean I think that the corporations I named have key people in compartmented operations that deal with this. For example, I mentioned SAIC which is headquartered there in La Jolla and it's one of the key, one of the crown jewels of these covert programs. Lockheed Skunk Works has been involved with this for years and has a compartmented operation. Remember, 'compartmented' means that anyone who's not in that compartment don't know what's going on. For years there have been programs with Northrop which is now Northrop-Grumman, dealing with this. E-Systems, which has now been taken over by Raytheon have had projects and then within the government, there are a few members of the Congress who know, and I know who they are, for example Senator John Warner of Virginia knows about these and has been involved since he was an undersecretary of the Navy, I have a document with his name on it that he signed back then in the 60s. You have certain members of the military who know but most don't. I have personally done briefings for the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the head of intelligence for the Joint Staff, what's called a J-2 position with the Joint Chiefs of Staff head of intelligence. Those men at the time were being kept in the dark because the people in these projects knew that they would not go along with an illegal secret project, a black project that would run this illegally. So, essentially, as I said earlier, it isn't the rank, it's sort of like this diffuse, amorphous effort, it's actually pretty well organized, it's just that it's got little tentacles that go into every agency and many many corporations.

There have been key operations with the National Security Agency and the NRO, the National Reconnaissance Office dealing with this. I also know that there have been DIA operations that have dealt with satellite imaging of these objects and yet when I met with the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he was not lying, he said, I have no doubt that this is true because I'm looking here at all this evidence and the testimony of people who have been there, he said, but I have made inquiries through the chain of command at my command here, at the DIA, and they all tell me that no projects are dealing with this. And I said, yes, sir, they would do that if they assess that you would not in the long run go along with this secrecy. That is the sine qua non, the sort of entry requirement to this group is that people are tested little by little to see if they will go along with this kind of very very tight secrecy and if they thing you won't, they're not going to tell you, I don't care if you're the president or the Secretary of Defense. Back in the 90s I met with a man who had been the Minister of Defense in Great Britain for years, a man named Lord Hill-Norton, he was a five-star admiral back then, they called him a Sea Lord, and Lord Hill-Norton and I met in his home there in Hampshire, and he listened to all of this, he was very interested in what we were doing with the Clinton administration and the Pentagon and Congress and he said, "I was head of the Ministry of Defense" and with that, of course in Great Britain, it also meant that he was head of MI5 and MI6 and all the intelligence operations, he says "and I was also head of the military committee for NATO and I never heard anything about this subject, why wouldn't they have told me?" And I looked him and I said, "Well, sir, with all due respect, let me answer your question with a question. What would you have done if you found out that there was a transnational group that did not obey the rule of law that had engaged in assassination, extreme secrecy, and were sitting on technology that could be the solution to many of the world's gravest and most pressing problems." He said, "I wouldn't have stood for it for one bloody minute!" He got very agitated and I said, well, that's why they didn't tell you! I said, you know, it's so obvious, but you have to kind of analyze it. They're not going to tell you about things like this unless they're really really certain that you're going to play along with the game.

And occasionally there will be a defection from that group. We've had some pretty notable ones who have come forward with our project, but unfortunately there is a big risk of them being threatened or ridiculed or what have you. It takes a lot of courage to deal with something like this. I have often pointed out the whistleblower syndrome where a lot of people want to tell the truth about something but they are intimidated from doing so. What we've done with the Disclosure Project is that let's not have two or three people do this, let's have dozens and dozens of men and women come together at once and come forward, and that's what we did, we put together the evidence, and as you mentioned we have a four hour video tape of these top secret witnesses, we also have a two hour case, we also have a one hour case that's shorter, if you don't want to look at the two to four hours of this. And so people can get this and listen to these people and see their credentials and judge for themselves whether these people are telling the truth.

Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI): At, write it down folks, you've got to see it. I look at a lot of material, and I thought I followed all the UFO stuff and the doctor, the good doctor has material on there that simply is not on what you're going to see on television and it's going to blow your socks off. Also, the subject of compartmentalism and how it's been able to be kept secret is really brought out in the tapes by the military people, because to just say that it's compartmentalized and that's how it's kept secret doesn't really explain it in the depth that it needs to be kept. How certain people with the same security clearance are not allowed, and you'll this not from Dr. Greer, not from one individual, no matter how well credentialed he is, but from Majors and Generals, and various other people on his tapes and when you look at that, you are going to get a whole new view of life.

Now, I'm going to bring out one other thing too, doctor. This business of power and control and controlling the media, even I, there is a license for this station and when my contract is up we'll find out if they want me back, but the point is this: that control of everything. Originally when our founding fathers put the government together, they envisioned, they gave the press a tremendous amount of power because they never envisioned thousands and thousands of papers being corrupted by any single source. But what they did not envision was the wire services, so you have newspapers all across the country and they're reporting, their local reporting on Aunt Nelly's cow went into Joe Blow's garden and ate the roses, but what they're not reporting is the important news, the national news, they're getting it from three or four major sources. If I want to corrupt an entire nation of news, I am not going to infect the local newspapers, I am going to send my agents and over a period of decades I am going to infect the wire services and that is what's been done, you control the wire services in the major papers and you will control the eyes of the dinosaur.

Steven M. Greer M.D.: Correct, and this is exactly what happened if you look at for example the Washington Post company which also owns Newsweek, which is one of the major news magazines of course. I was talking to one of the military and national security correspondents for the Washington Post and he flat out tells me, says "I have a whole file on stuff like this, but we'll never put in the Washington Post." He looked at me and winked, he says, "No important story is ever reported in the Washington Post." And I looked at him, and said, then what's happened to the source(?) of state, and he says it's dead. (..) and a guy named Schwartz, who had been on the board of Time Warner back before it was AOL Time Warner, he was very good friends with Mike Wallace of 60 minutes, he says, essentially, CBS is owned by Westinghouse, Westinghouse is one of the biggest defense contractors, Westinghouse has these sort of technologies. There's General Electric which owns NBC and MSNBC, so what you find is that it's a very very small world, and you're correct, it isn't hard to make sort of a hourglass chokehold of information but with that then comes a dumbing down of the populace and sort of fictionalizing of truth and having it spun in a way where people really don't know what to think and it's interesting because when I've met with people who are very powerful Generals or Admirals in the Pentagon or members of Congress, they will turn to me and say, "All I know about this stuff is what I've seen in the tabloid media or on a Discovery Channel thing, and we don't know what to believe." Because if they go into a meeting, even a closed top secret meeting, they are basically told nothing, or they're told that no such project exists. And it's interesting because, if you look at the witnesses that we have on video tapes, over and over again, they will say, this is exactly how it operated, if they were in a project where something like this happened or was seen, they would say, you weren't here, this didn't happen, no such project exists, and boom it's erased.

And that is exactly what happens, one example, we have a man who was (?) McDowell, who had top secret clearance and worked (?) underneath the Commander In Chief, Atlantic Command near Virginia Beach, in Norfolk area, and they had an event happen where one of these enormous ET craft came in off the northeastern coast of North America and it ended up being tracked on at least five separate military radar systems. We scrambled jets to intercept it. Admiral Harry Train, who later became on the board of SAIC there in La Jolla, in San Diego, gave the order to down this object, to force it down. It was an enormous object, it was broad daylight, they did get a jet close enough to it to actually get a photograph of it, which this top secret witness saw. He says, while this event was happening, and it was just astonishing, it was sheer chaos, they went to full code zebra, which means that unless you have zebra stripes on your lapels, you have to get out of the command center, and there are marines there that if in 60 seconds you are not out they will shoot to kill anyone without zebra stripes on, this is how critical an event this was, and we made the enormous mistake to give the order to try and force this huge thing down. Well eventually what happened is then Admiral Train got on the hotphone to Russia and everyone in the United States to confirm that it was neither Soviet nor US and it was obviously from outer space. It then went out over by the Azores and tilted there by about 60 degrees and then bam, shot straight out into space and was gone almost instantly.

Well, this event, by the way, very well documented, this man said that later that day, there were people in suits, they didn't know what agency they were from, came into that command center and threatened every single person, put the fear of god in every single person that was there and said, look, you will have more trouble for you, your parents, any kids you ever have, everything if you ever mention this. You weren't here, this never happened. They went in, they confiscated the photographs of this thing, all the digital tapes, all the radar tapes, everything was sanitized, was never seen again. Now, that is exactly how it's done, it's chilling, the efficiency of this kind of operation and the ruthlessness of it. You have that going on when something major happens, now the chances then that you're going to have the media get wind of it and they're going to follow through with it is not very good, why? Because even if they got wind of it, I have a document on our website, and it's a 1991 document from the CIA, it's nothing contested, it's authenticated. In it on page 6 it says, "we have contacted all the major wire services and all the major networks and news magazines and outlets to spin, kill, change, alter stories for our advantage when need be." Paraphrasing. You go read it for yourself, read the document. If you know how to read English, you can read it. I point this out to people only to say that every word I'm saying on this show is true, even though for most people they're really going, Jesus, this can't be true, but it is. And the thing is that our civilization is a faint shadow of the world we could have, we could have had by now if this information and these technologies could have been out 50 years ago.

Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI): Tell us about the moon base, I love that one because there is some independent corroboration of some sorts. That there is a base on the dark side of the moon and some of the people that were involved in the cutting room where they were cutting the pictures that were taken, by our craft that went around the dark side. They snipped out these pictures and they showed it to this gentleman and he relates about the base on the dark side of the moon and how we at one point even tried to send an atomic device to explode on the moon to demonstrate to the Russians that we were so powerful and how it was interacted and intercepted by other intelligent entities.

Steven M. Greer M.D.: There is a whole nexus of things going with this, by the way, we have multiple independent corroborating witnesses to this area. One of them is this man you are referring to who had a top secret clearance and was at Langley Air Force Base and he was asked to come in to do some work on some equipment that had broken down, and when he got in there, this person was there who was apparently very deeply disturbed by what they had been seeing because they had been forced to keep it secret. And what was going on is that at that time, in the mid 60s we had what was called the lunar orbiter, and this was this space craft that orbited the moon before the manned landing went there to map out the surface of the moon and what have you. Well it was sending back images first through a National Security Agency linkup through this facility that was ultra top secret at Langley Air Force Base where images of artificial structures already on the moon, we're talking mid 60s here before we ever landed, some of which were very ancient, some of which looked newer he said, and very extensive, were in what's the called the "terminator," it's not technically the dark side, it's where the light and the shadow, the light and the dark side of the moon come together sort of like, as it is called "the terminator," it's a technical term for that area in the moon, even back then, digital, he said that this man said, "my god, well what are you going to do with this, isn't the world going to know, this is enormous news." and the man said, oh no, this will go into a black hole that nobody will ever know about.

Well, years went by and the guy, Carl, our top secret witness, he felt surely, he was an Air Force Guy, top secret clearance, surely in a year or two, or in a couple years this will all be talked about in the media, what a huge scientific discovery, on and on and on and on. And here it was 2001 when he came forward with our group and it was still not being talked about. He personally saw that and we have another couple of witnesses who have seen the same or similar images. On top of it, you are referring to testimony from a man named Colonel Didrikson. This is a Full Colonel who was at one time the guy in charge of the Atomic Energy Commission, AEC which became the DOE, to go around inspect security in all the nuclear facilities in the United States and he had learned that these ET craft apparently were very very concerned with these nuclear weapons and the threat they posed to life on Earth, but also the fact to put them out into space, and he learned of this one event, which has been corroborated by another man, that we fired a missile with a nuclear tip on it with the intent to have it hit the moon and have it explode so that we could show off, basically, our technological prowess to the Soviets during the Cold War. As this missile became exoatmospheric, meaning as it left our atmosphere, an extraterrestrial vehicle came in and intercepted it and neutralized it so that that couldn't happen.

A lot of people don't understand that there have been things like this going on, of course we're talking about an event here that was in the 60s, 40 years ago. One of the big issues that I have pointed out to people is that I think that none of these extraterrestrial civilizations, and I think there are multiple of them out there that are observing us, are hostile towards us, but I think that they are very very concerned with our hostility. See, I turn the whole X-Files, spooky alien thing on a tip, I go, come on, if they were really hostile towards us given the stupid things we've been doing for half a century, we'd be a cinder floating in space, quite frankly. It's obvious that they're very concerned with our hostility. We have several witnesses who are head of strategic air command facility in Minot, North Dakota when one of these, several of these craft actually came over the nuclear silos and took at least 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles offline so that they could not be launched as a way of saying, look, please don't go so far as to launch these things and destroy this beautiful planet. Interestingly, they weren't just taken on the USA, the same thing, we've learned from Soviet KGB files were going on in the Soviet Union. It was obvious that something happened at the time when we detonated the first nuclear weapon in the 40s and then quickly began to develop the ability to go into space. The confluent of the development of these world destroying weapons systems at the same time that we were about to go out as a space faring people put a big red flag over Earth. This is my own hypothesis, but it's logical. And I think, at that time, if you go back and do a historical review of what happened in the 40s, 50s, 60s, there was an enormous number of documented ET craft sightings over nuclear weapons storage areas, nuclear manufacturing areas, and missile silos, and what have you. And Didrikson states in his testimony, which you can see, he says point blank, every single nuclear facility he visited whether it was Oakridge, Los Alamos, had these ET craft that had been documented around the area doing reconnaissance and were obviously very concerned with what we were doing. It makes sense.

Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI): Let's get it out. People want to find out more, and they want to look in the eyes of these doctors, these scientists, these admirals, they want to see for themselves, at least do us a favor, at least go, at least call in the USA, 1-888-382-7384, what can they do, you tell the folks out there.. what they can do to become more interactive to make this happen, doctor?

Steven M. Greer M.D.: Well, the first thing they can do is as you mentioned, get on the website, get the materials, and get educated to what the truth is. The second thing is to tell other people, network it and what have you. The third thing is that we are encouraging everyone to take this video tape of this national press pub event we had in 2001, put it on a local cable access channel. The other thing we need, quite frankly, is we need serious institutional and individual funding support. We've done all this without a staff, it's been a backbreaking thing, we need more funding support from people who want to see the truth out. And the other thing is that we're still asking for people who are witnesses to these projects and who may know about the technology to come forward and to become further witnesses to join the ones that we already have and then lastly, if there is anyone out there listening, who knows how to build one of these extraordinary energy devices, we have formed a research group to try to replicate that and to get it out to the public without having to go through this logger jam(?) of secret programs. So anyone knows how to build one of these so called "free energy devices" or "zero point energy devices" so that we can get it tested, and reproduced, and disclosed to the public, so that we can begin to move on to where catching up to where civilization could have been in the 1950s and 60s if all this illegal secrecy hadn't hijacked our future.

Eugene Ellis (Mr. DUI): Wonderful, doctor. Thank you so very much. If there is a big response, I hope that we will be able to get you back on to the live show, and in addition to that of course we want to follow up on your success, and we want to use the Internet as much as possible, because until they close it, and they will, they will, and they will fix it so that we won't have the same free access that we've had, they're already working on that, but until that happens, the Internet is the key to us being able to talk to each other and talk to large groups without the permission of the almighty government and with that I want to thank you so very much doctor for honoring us with your presence.

Steven M. Greer M.D.: Alright, thank you. I appreciate your help.

Scott Wood: Absolutely. That's going to do it for this edition of The Other Side. I again would like to thank our guest, Dr. Steven Greer. His website:, and his book Extraterrestrial Contact: The Existence of Implications, I'm looking at it right now. If you'd like to contact Mr. DUI about any legal matter, his phone number is 1-866-NO-NO DUI, that is 1-866-666-6384, his website is For attorney Eugene Ellis, I am Scott Wood, and this has been The Other Side of the Story.

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